About Us


  • R.D. Baker Enterprises was established in 1939.
  • It is and has always been a family owned and operated business.
  • In 1945 the company incorporated under the name Dayton Sofwater Company.
  • Our business goal has always been to provide our customers with the best products and services of residential water solutions including softeners, purification equipment, and drinking and filtration systems.
  • We manufacture, service and install water softeners from single tank, timer-controlled units to large triplex meter-controlled units. We offer a multitude of filtration systems for home which might have specific challenges such as iron, hydrogen sulfide, and organics.  We offer a full line of Reverse Osmosis equipment for water purification.
  • Whatever our customer needs are, from a water softener, to a large water purification system we handle it all. From engineering and design to installation and service.
  • We provide not only design and installation, but our service department services what we sell, from repair, preventative maintenance, as well as filter replacement.

We believe that “Better Water means Better Living”, not just for our family but also yours.

Typical Customer Testimonial:

“When we moved to Beavercreek, we were excited to be in the country but we soon learned about clear water rust and the well water smell. We called Dayton Sofwater. No more rust, no more ‘well smell’! The water is soft, we feel better, and the house and clothes are cleaner. Later it was necessary for us to limit salt in our diets, so we called Dayton Sofwater to install a drinking water system. We love the convenience of having the drinking water tap right at the sink, our friends and family love the taste of our water, and it saves us money and time because we don’t have to buy bottled water at the store. We’re part of the maintenance plan, so Dayton Sofwater calls, schedules an appointment convenient for us, and comes out to flush the system and change the filters for us.” – Joyce