Reverse Osmosis (RO) Units / Drinking Water Systems

RO_photo_127RO Units (Reverse Osmosis)

“For The Ultimate In Pure Drinking Water”

*   Are you tired of dragging home all those plastic bottles?

*   Are you tired of the huge expense of bottled water?

*   Are you tired of landfills filling up with plastic water bottles?

*   Did you know that most bottle water is just city tap water?

*   Are you finally ready to stop wasting all that time and money on bottled water ?

  Are You Finally Ready For The Best Water You Can Drink?dsw-pgpic-vert-better-pg

Our drinking water systems, commonly known as Reverse Osmosis Systems, remove virtually all contaminants from your drinking water and leave it tasting fresh and clean.

Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems are the most widely used technology for safe, great tasting drinking water.

These systems effectively reduces lead, sodium, arsenic, pesticides, chlorine, petroleum and many other contaminants often found in your drinking water.

Dayton Sofwater, Co., offer a system that can be installed under your sink, with only the drinking water faucet showing – the faucet shows you’re concerned about your drinking water and have done something about it.

Use a Reverse Osmosis Water System for:

  • Drinking water
  • Ice cubes
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Cooking
  • Steam Irons
  • Baby Formula
  • Humidifiers
  • Aquariums
  • Plants
  • Much, Much More….

 We rent a reverse-osmosis drinking system from Dayton Sofwater. Before that, we had    been buying 13 to 15 gallons of water each month which ended up costing more than the drinking system rent, so it was a good deal for us. And, what we really like is that the rent never went up like all our other bills for 20 years! How can you not like a company that proves it isn’t in business to gouge your wallet and still provides quick and reliable service.”

– Mark

Download PDF Specification Sheets:

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