Water Softeners, Drinking Water Systems, RO Systems, Whole House Filtration for your Water Treatment Needs.

Dayton Sofwater Co. has been providing a full line of home water treatment needs since 1939: From a complete line of home water softeners, drinking water systems, RO systems and whole house filtration.  We also carry hundreds of other water treatment products to meet any water treatment need you may have.

Water Softeners

      Dayton Sofwater Co. provides a full line of quality, cost-effective water softeners to meet almost every residential application.  Our models have electronic demand regeneration controls (regenerates as the demand for water increases). Click here for more information…


RO Drinking Water Systems

Dayton Sofwater Co. provides drinking water systems, commonly know as reverse osmosis systems, which removes virtually all contaminates from your drinking water.  Our system effectively reduces lead, fluoride, sodium, arsenic, pesticides, chlorine, petroleum and many other contaminants that could be in your drinking water.  We offer a system that can be installed under your sink with only the drinking water faucet showing. Click here for more information…


Filters, Whole House Filtration Systems

Dayton Sofwater Co. offers various types of whole house filtration systems to remove organics, dissolved iron, hydrogen sulfide, manganese, carbon dioxide and/or suspended solids.  Our systems are constructed with automatic back-washing valves designed for even flow with a minimum of pressure loss. We handle individual filters to entire filtration systems.  Click here for more information…


Miscellaneous Products

Dayton Sofwater Co. uses potassium permanganate injection systems to remove high levels of dissolved iron, manganese or hydrogen sulfide; filter cartridges and housing for removal of organics or suspended solids; and hundreds of other water treatment products to meet your water quality needs.

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